For the Students:

Stephen gives a heartfelt presentation about his personal struggles with substance abuse, journey to recovery, and highlights the many benefits of living a clean and sober lifestyle today. As a young man, he has a remarkable ability to relate his story to the students in the audience.

Stephen acknowledges the everyday pressures and temptations that middle school, high school and college students are faced with, and offers guidance to successfully overcome these challenges. Some of the topics discussed throughout the presentation are decision making under the influence, peer pressure, gateway drugs, vaping, criminal justice, breaking the silence, opioids, stigma, social media, anxiety, depression, binge drinking, prom, teamwork, wellness, and FINDING YOUR PASSION! Stephen will always reserve time at the end to field questions, as he believes keeping an open line of communication to be a vital part of the program.

For the Parents:

When speaking to parents, Stephen is sure to place a great deal of emphasis on prevention through protection. Using his personal experiences with his own parents, as well as knowledge gained while working in the field of recovery, Stephen pinpoints potential threats and warning signs for parents to look out for. By expressing the trial and error process he and his family went through before finally achieving sobriety, Stephen hopes families can avoid some of the costly hardships that were a part of his journey.

As an avid believer in the disease concept, Stephen will explain addiction as a fatal progressive illness. He will touch on enabling, denial, secrets, under age drinking parties, the criminal justice system, triggers, keeping an open line of communication, and parent support groups throughout the presentation.


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