Stephen specializes as a treatment planning consultant and recovery coach for families with a loved one suffering from substance use disorder. Putting the right treatment and recovery plan into action is an extremely difficult process. Stephen had many failed attempts before achieving long-term sobriety. Through his own personal experiences as a resident and employee at numerous treatment facilities, Stephen has gained extensive knowledge on how to implement an effective treatment plan for long term recovery. He believes treatment plans must be individualized—what might work for one person may not for another. Length of stay and level of care are two essential components to a successful treatment plan. 

Most people suffering from a substance use disorder run into legal troubles. Through his own personal experiences with the criminal justice system during his active addiction and now today as an attorney in recovery, Stephen will outline the best possible course of action to avoid incarceration and receive treatment.  

Stephen has professional relationships with many different treatment facilities. He can arrange a family intervention with sober escorts standing by for immediate transportation to a treatment facility. Stephen will advise and support families throughout the entire treatment process until their loved one has a strong foundation and is ready for independent living in recovery.

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